Guide for Proper Packing of Household Items for Move

Published: 12th September 2011
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Well, you have decided to move your home with entire your household items. You will need to pack your entire belongings properly so that they can be transported to your new destination door step safely. Many people love to pack their household goods by themselves rather than hiring professional moving companies. When you have decided to pack your belongings by yourself, make sure you know well how to pack things correctly and what items are used for packing for move. If you do not know how to pack things properly, you should learn some important packing tips so that you can have your cutler and other breakable belongings, furniture and other household items in their original form at your new residence. While there are many professional removal companies or packers and movers for your help but doing on your own is a real fun and can save you a significant amount of money.

Tips and Suggestions for Packing of Household Items

Pack one room in sturdy moving boxes in a day and label boxes properly. Pack small items first because too many unpacked things give disordered appearance. Mark the moving boxes tagging the properly mentioning content inside and room number or the name of the room. This will make the unpacking extremely easy for you at your new residence.

Wrap each individual item properly in bubble wraps or good quality packing papers. Place items in boxes. Place first larger or heavier items and then lighter. Fill empty spaces inside the boxes using wadded newspapers or other padding supplies such as peanut foaming supplies.

Keep the weight of a box / carton as you or even a lady of your home can lift it easily. Keep the weight very reasonable. In a nut shell, do not overweight the box.

Make an "Open Me First Box". This box contains handy things like soaps, face wash, scissors, pens, pencils, tape, glue, bath towel, etc. Also make an "Emergency Box" with items like required common medicines.

Keep important documents, moving files, jewelry, hobby collections, etc are in one box and keep it safely till the moving day. Carry this box with you only. Do not put onto the moving trucks.

For fragile items use double packing boxes and use enough quantity of padding and cushioning supplies to absorb the chock while transportation.

I hope tips mentioned in this article will give you some helpful ideas so that you can pack your household belongings correctly like professional Packers Movers Delhi companies.

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