Important Household Items and Ways to Pack Them Before You Move to a New Home

Published: 31st August 2010
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Well, you have decided to pack household items yourself on your relocation in order to save some moving cost. Then get ready to pack items yourself carefully at least on month before your moving day. Here are some important tips and suggestions which will be helpful in packing of your household items.

Wall Hangings – Wall hangings (such as paintings, pictures, photo frames), etc are items you should pack earlier. It is because such items are for decorative purpose and you will not need them as essentials. While packing such items you should extreme care. You should pack these items using good quality wrapping, packing and boxing materials.

Bedroom – Sort and organize clothes of bedrooms. Pack them into proper bags. Pack clothing into traveler bag. You may consider purchasing special carton to pack bedroom clothing. Remove jewelry and valuable items out of drawers and pack them in zippered plastic bags. Wrap beddings, linens and towels in neat paper. Place mattress in mattress cartons. You can use pillow in padding for cartons.

Bathrooms – Go to the bathroom and pack up all the items which are not necessary. Pack items of daily uses at last minute.

Children's Toys –Toys are very important assets for your children. So you should pack them carefully to avoid the risk of damage while transit. Pack toys in their original boxes or cartons if you have them. If you are going to pack in external boxes do not forget to wrap them using enough layers of packing papers.

Garage – Pack items from garage or workshop which you will not need on daily. Keep a hammer, screw drivers and nails available for when you unpack in your new home. These tolls will be essential for you to install and hang certain items at your new home.

Kitchen – Kitchen is one of the most important areas where you will need to invest most of your effort in packing. First of all make empty the shelves in the kitchen. Make sure that dishes, pans and bowls in your kitchen are neat and dry. Wrap them carefully using enough layers of packing papers. Pack small kitchen appliances in their original cartons using original packing supplies.

After finishing packing of boxes, label each box with appropriate tag mentioning contents inside the box. I hope this article will help you greatly while you pack your household items prior to your home shifting to the new location.

Prakash is an amateur writer primarily focusing on relocation and transportation related topics. Currently he is rendering his services to Mumbai Packers and Movers Know more about packing and moving tips at Packers and Movers Mumbai website.

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